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WaterBotics Educator Training


WaterBotics is a National Science Foundation funded program based off the Build IT / WaterBotics curriculum developed by Stevens Institute of Technology’s “The Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education.” The underwater LEGO robotics curriculum uses a variety of LEGO components and the LEGO Mindstorms software for middle and high school students to create robots that become increasingly complex and are able to complete sophisticated underwater real-world engineering challenges. The 2-day WaterBotics Educator Workshops empower formal and informal educators to use the technology and WaterBotics curriculum in their classrooms, programs, organizations and schools. Request a WaterBotics workshop today!


SciGirls is out to change how millions of tween girls think about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Educators attending SciGirls Educator Workshops learn the latest research for exciting and engaging girls (and boys) in STEM, experience hands-on STEM activities part of the PBS SciGirls curriculum, and have access to hands-on video enhanced STEM activities and PBS resources that put a creative twist on engaging both girls and boys in STEM. SciGirls Educator Workshops are offered in 1 hour, 2 hour and full-day sessions. Request a SciGirls workshop today!

To change the demographics of engineers and scientists - to increase the diversity of those pursing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields - the conversation must change. 

Seven Strategies Workshop: Explore seven strategies to engage girls (and all kids) in STEM! Learn the SciGirls Seven from PBS’s Emmy award winning show SciGirls which are rooted in what research has revealed engages girls (and all learners including underrepresented youth) in STEM.  Walk away with research, practical applications and educator, role model and parent resources for the classroom and beyond.

Effective STEM Messaging Workshop: Explore effective imagery and messaging that engages K-12 students in formal and informal STEM education and excites them about the possibilities of STEM careers.  Learn the latest research about engaging girls in STEM and explore the research-based best practices in messaging and hands-on activities that connect a diverse population in the excitement of STEM.

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Research has shown that girls who interact with female STEM role models are more likely to develop and maintain an interest in STEM.  Role Models Matter Educator Workshop participants learn the “Recipe for Role Model Success” (Techbridge’s Role Models Matter Curriculum) and fabulous in-person and online resources to engage STEM role models in programs, camps and other STEM experiences. Participants learn how to find and engage role models anyplace, anytime in STEM programs. Request a Role Models Matter workshop today!


Mother/Daughter Technology Engineering Aptitude (TEA) Educator Workshops, a product of the Engineering Education Service Center, give participants the curriculum, hands-on engineering experiences and materials to host their own one-day event for middle school girls and their mothers. Designed to encourage middle school girls to take an interest in pursuing a career in engineering, Mother/Daughter TEAs give both daughters and mothers hands-on engineering experiences, role model interactions and information about engineering majors and careers. Participants in the full-day Educator Workshops are provided the resources and empowered to lead their own Mother/Daughter TEA in their community. Request a Mother/Daughter TEA workshop today!


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