Texas Women and Girls in STEM Summit
Breakout Session 1
10:30 a.m. - 11:20 a.m.

Coaching Early for STEM Success

To successfully pursue STEM careers, it is essential to coach girls to develop a growth mindset, to persevere in setbacks, to learn from failures, to take risks, and to enjoy challenges. Teachers, mentors, and coaches can get great results by focusing on the process of how their students take on new endeavors, how they solve problems, and how they react to setbacks. Coaching during the early elementary years than later in life will be more effective in building resilience, boosting confidence, and laying the foundation for a learning mindset. To be truly set-up for STEM success, the girls need to believe that learning and developing talent is a process and that they can achieve their dreams through passion, grit, hard work, and creativity.

Presented by:
Priya Ramachandran, R&D Section Manager, National Instruments
Heidi Frock, R&D Section Manager, National Instruments

 Early Career Programs to Recruit and Retain Women in STEM

Research shows that clear paths for advancement, challenging assignments, recognition and acknowledgment create a positive workplace culture for Women in STEM.  Learn how several leading companies are creating the culture needed to attract and retain early career women in STEM. The panel members will share their approach to mentoring, use of affinity programs, and support needed from leadership to achieve this challenge.  This session will provide an opportunity to learn and share best practices based on what works, where and why.

Presented by:
Bethany Clarkson-Morgan, Upstream Assurance Lead, BP (Moderator)
Nina Golder, Director, NA Sales Planning & Platforms, Emerson Automation Solutions
Kathleen Martinez, Sr. Director National Strategic Relations & Initiatives, BP America
Nithya Venkatraman, Project Manager, PepsiCo

Hands-On/Minds-On: Design Thinking in Integrated STEM

The Engineer Your World classroom is a place where high school students engage in authentic engineering design and computing practices in a problem-solving, inquiry, project-based environment. Crafted to tell the story of engineering and its ability to shape our world, the challenges are designed to attract young women (and other underrepresented groups) to explore the field. Attendees will learn about this innovative, NSF-funded curriculum; talk with a veteran Engineer Your World teacher about how the program engages students in design thinking and builds 21st Century Skills; explore our innovative teacher support model; and discover opportunities for students in grades 9-12 to earn college credit from the University of Texas.

Presented by:
Cheryl Farmer, Director of Precollege Engineering Education Initiatives, Cockrell School of Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin
Audrea Moyers, Engineering & Architectural Design Teacher and Robotics Team Sponsor, McCallum High School, Austin ISD

Hearing Student Voices: What High School Girls in STEM Have to Say

What does it take to engage High School girls in STEM? What are their passions? What excites them about STEM? What challenges them? Find out the answer to these questions and more! Join us as we hear from a panel of current high school girls in an engaging discussion of all things STEM. The girls have a lot to say, plus they will spend time answering questions from the audience.

Presented by:
Madison Birmingham, Student, Westlake High School
Nanya Pashilkar, Student, Westlake High School
Anagna Pashilkar, Student, Westlake High School
Nashita Rahman, Student, Westlake High School
Ellie Cohen, Student, Westlake High School
Paula McKinney, Teacher, Westlake High School

Solve it by Sunset & SPARKATHON: Inclusion, STEM, Entrepreneurship, Play - All in a Fun and Exciting Event

Come play in a mini version of a design-a-thon. Witness first-hand how this exciting, real-world problem-solving event promotes playfulness, inclusion and engagement of teens in using STEM, entrepreneurship, and Human Centered Design (HCD) to solve real-world problems. Learn how young women in high school are launching these design-a-thons in Texas, Minnesota, California, Albania and India to solve a myriad of real-world problems in their local communities. You will learn how you might bring such an event to your school and community. Come play and learn with us!


Presented by:
Peter Han, Faculty of Engineering, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology, The Woodlands Christian Academy; and Mentor, SPARKATHON

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