Texas Women and Girls in STEM Summit
Breakout Session 5
3:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Exploring the Importance of Computational & Analytical Skills to Prepare for College Readiness & STEM Careers in High School

Exploring from a student's perspective, there is an urgency to build stronger computational & analytical skills early and consistently, through the high school years which all subjects in science and engineering require. For example, "computational engineering" is an important emerging field of study because scientists and engineers are realizing the growing need of computational and analytical skills in young students who could create and lead the future pathways with new innovations in technology and science. At this breakout session, you are invited to weigh in your perspective and support for more critical thinking, building meta-cognitive strategies and encouraging curious inquiry in classrooms, which should be the foundation for all learning outcomes in the school curriculum. Thinking critically, analyzing, building meta-cognitive strategies and asking curious questions, early and consistently should be the foundation for all learning outcomes in the school curriculum.


Presented by: Priya Malhotra, Junior at Liberal Arts &  Science Academy (LASA), Austin ISD; Founder/President of LASA Research in Math Club

Inspiring the Next Generation of Innovators through FIRST Robotics

FIRST Robotics is a non-profit organization with the goal of encouraging students to pursue education and careers in STEM-related fields, inspire them to become leaders and innovators, and enhance their 21st century work-life skills. Our team, 7161 Hydra, is dedicated to inspiring the youth within our community to do just that. Our vision is to tap into the endless supply of creativity within a student's mind and encourage them to take charge and find innovative ways to approach a particular task. This session will introduce an opportunity for girls and parents to explore their inner engineer and immerse themselves into the wondrous world of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and the arts.

Presented by:
Mia Thompson, Viperbots Hydra, Vandegrift High School
Abigal Pomerantz, Viperbots Hydra, Vandegrift High School

STEM Insight - Connecting You To All Things STEM

STEMInsight.org is a centralized information portal for parents, students, educators, and professionals that compiles resources, educational pathways, career snapshots, and events across North Texas to satisfy the region's growing demand for an abundant, skilled STEM workforce. STEM Insight enables students to navigate their path from elementary school to career with valuable information about STEM careers including a career snapshot (profile, average starting salary, job growth for NTX and nationally) and the associated educational pathway leading to a specific career. Whether you are a parent, student, educator, or professional STEM Insight has something to help you connect, advance, and give back. Check us out at STEMInsight.org!

Presented by: Jason Treadway, Director - STEM Institute, Dallas County Community College District

CREW: Making Way for the Next Generation of Latina Tech Leaders

In the small town of Mission, TX a new movement of Latina STEMINISTS is growing. Comprising only 3% of the STEM workforce, Latinas are vastly underrepresented in these fields. CREW (Career Readiness and Empowerment of Women), a program by the Mission EDC, brings together government, technologists, and gen-z students to tackle the visible and invisible barriers that keep young Hispanic women from becoming the next Steve Jobs.

Coding camps and awareness campaigns won't solve the diversity issue in STEM. In order to radically change the composition of our future workforce, we need to address the systemic and cultural barriers specifically faced by Latinas. Learn how CREW tackles these barriers and how it can be replicated in your city!

Presented by:
Cristina Garza, Director of Social Impact, Mission EDC
Chelsie Barrientos, Student, University of Texas at Austin

Young Scholars Program: A Bridge to Engineering in College

The session will provide qualitative and quantitative data that show how successful implementation of lab-based, mentored supported research influences and supports high school students' decisions to pursue degrees in engineering and STEM fields.


Presented by:
Risa Hartman, Pre-College Education Director for NASCENT ERC & Education/Outreach Director for CDCM MRSEC, The University of Texas at Austin
Darlene Yanez, Director of Assessment & Evaluation for the NASCENT ERC, The University of Texas at Austin
Ava Lindquist-Sher, Electrical and Computer Engineering Undergraduate Student, The University of Texas at Austin

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