Texas Women and Girls in STEM Summit
Breakout Session 2
11:30 a.m. - 12:20 p.m.

Bringing a Girls in STEM Event to Life

Learn about the planning and work behind creating a successful event for girls in grades 3-12 with limited funding.  STEM GEMS (Girls Empowered and Motivated to Succeed) is in its third year was created to educate and excite girls about different STEM careers.The day includes information panels, hands-on experiences and a keynote speaker as well as a parent track to provide parents information on financial aide and colleges.  Klein ISD's STEM GEMS has become an annual event and averages 700 registrants.

Presented by: Michele Thompson, K-12 Science Instructional Officer, Klein ISD

Engineering Design and the 5E Lesson 

Preservice science teachers from the teachHOUSTON program at the University of Houston will share hands-on, 5E engineering design lessons that they have created for afterschool programs hosted at elementary schools in the Third Ward community of Houston, TX. Participants will engage in inquiry-based activities inclusive of engineering design as it relates to scientific inquiry that teachers can utilize in STEM classrooms. Through activities and discussion, participants will be better equipped to infuse engineering design in their classrooms resulting in improved student achievement and engagement as well as increased interest in the STEM fields.

Presented by:
Wendy Argueta, teachHOUSTON Preservice Science Teacher, University of Houston
Amy Guerra, teachHOUSTON Preservice Science Teacher, University of Houston
Andrew Albee, teachHOUSTON Preservice Science Teacher, University of Houston

Equitable Access to STEM | STEM is for Everyone

We've all heard the phrase "if  you  build  it  will  they  come". But this phase stops short of addressing who actually shows up. Does what you build affect who shows up? This interactive session explores the idea that how you build your STEM program and what messages and images you use will directly impact who comes and who participates. If you've been wondering what models and strategies will engage all students and bring a more diverse group to your program, please join this session.

Presented by: Tiffani Cortez, Engineering and Technology Teacher, Harmony School of Innovation - Waco

Questioning the Curriculum: Framing Your STEM Curriculum Development

What are the important questions your team should be asking about your STEM curriculum? Questioning is a powerful tool for enhancing, creating, or re-vamping your STEM curricula.  Using Eisner's curricular framework as a thinking tool, this workshop breakout session will provide a collaborative space for STEM practitioners to brainstorm a valuable list of questions that each participant can take back to their STEM team for future use to frame future team discussions about STEM programming.

Additional Resource

Presented by: Laura Terrill, Ph.D., Girl Scouts of Central Texas

Working Mothers in STEM: Best Policies and Culture

This panel discussion will focus on creating a workplace that celebrates working mothers in STEM through parent-friendly initiatives, from formal policy to cultural practices and awareness. This is a critical component of workplace engagement and retention for women in STEM in both corporate environments and in education. IBM panelists will share their journey through evolving policy and culture in a corporate setting with a focus on best practices, and will encourage audience participants to share their experiences in their own workplace as we explore the common threads that strengthen our collective bond as working mothers.


Presented by:
Carlie Bower, Program Director, IBM Cloud Platform
Nancy Li, Program Director, IBM Cloud Identity & Access Management
Sandra Nava, Senior Development Manager, IBM Cloud Identity & Access Management

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